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Magnetic starters and Contactors [H Series]



  • International standards approval.
    Conform IEC, BS, DIN and VDE standard (H65C to H800C). Adapt to CE-Marking (H65C to H125C)
  • Applicable to use for crane and hoist due to shorten breaking time of contactors.

Color indicator for the operation

  • New color – indicators enable certain discrimination of moving
  • Contactors
  • Color of Indicator changes from green to red after the contactor is closed.(H65C – H800C)
  • Thermal overload relays
  • Color of indicator changes from black to yellow if the thermal overload relay (All models) was tripped

    High safety

    • New preventive mechanism for mal-operation, phase separator, etc.

    Preventive mechanism of careless operation

    Sequence check rod will be operated when the indicator is opened. (H65C – H800C)

    Thermal overload relays
    “Cover” prevents the touch to release test lever. (All models)

    Free arc space

    Phase separator

    • Additional phase separator. (H80C – H800C)
      Phase separators will be attached to the contactor.

    Mechanical interlock

    • (Reversible type : over H20) Mechanical interlock is also attached to reversible contactor.

    Safety cover (option)

    • Easy attachment. (H8C – H800C)
      Live parts will be covered by safety cover, and it improves safety.

    High Reliability

    • Highly reliable contacts enable direct connection to the electronic circuits.
      Auxiliary contacts of contactors
    • Rolling twin contacts assure high contact reliability. (All models)

      Signal contacts of thermal overload relays

      • Signal contacts of thermal overload relay are 1NO 1NC. (All models)

        Auxiliary contact block (H20 – H400C)

        Coil surge absorber

        Coil surge absorber will be installed by “Single Snap Action”. (H8C – H125C), and H150C and above, it is constructed in coil assembly.

        Easy maintenance and inspection

        • Quick contact inspection
          Access to contacts is done by unfastening two screws and removing the cover.
        • Easy contact replacement
          Contact can be removed / replaced by single snap action without taking off the contact spring. (H80C – H400C)